Portfolio – Institutional

University of Toronto, Institute for Aerospace Research , Toronto, Ontario

The scope of UTIAS research includes aeronautical engineering (aircraft flight systems, propulsion, aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, and structural mechanics) and space systems engineering (spacecraft dynamics and control, space robotics and mechatronics, and microsatellite technology).

We provided building mechanical design and multidiscipline peer review for the design of a new High Pressure Combustion Research Facility at UTIAS. The facility was designed to study the coupled fluid-mechanical, physical, and chemical processes of combustion at conditions relevant for next-generation aerospace propulsion and terrestrial power generation engines. The research will use a combination of fuels, including: Jet-A; Natural Gas; and Hydrogen, at pressures up to 25 bar and generate thermal power of approximately 2MW. Due to space constraints, OBC and OFC conformance required the development of an alternate design solution to NFPA 69 “Standard on Explosion Prevention by Deflagration Venting”.

University of Waterloo NanoFab facility , Waterloo, Ontario

The Quantum NanoFab is a world-class operation shared between the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) and the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN). In this ultra-sterile (certified to ISO 5 and ISO 6 standards) cleanroom / fabrication facility  – built on a separate foundation designed to meet the most rigorous controls for vibrations, temperature fluctuations and electromagnetic radiation  – researchers are developing devices for quantum information research.

We provided a multidiscipline peer review for the process tool installation and integration project undertaken by AdvanceTEC Cleanroom Design and Construction out of Richmond, VA. The process tool installation included delivery piping from four dangerous goods storage areas: the Flammable and Combustible Liquids Room; the Flammable and Pyrophoric Gases Room; the Corrosive and Oxidizing Liquids Room; and the Toxic and Corrosive Gases Room. Additionally, fully automated Ultrahigh Purity (UHP) gas cabinets were incorporated with onboard gas leak detection, real-time exhaust flow monitoring and automatic gas cylinder shut-off.

McMaster University Medical Centre, Hamilton, Ontario
The McMaster University Medical Centre required renovations the Retail Pharmacy, Gift Shop, 3B-EDU and the Main Entrance. This required a re-design of the base HVAC and fire protection systems. In partnership with our Electrical Engineering affiliate, Sequin Engineering, we provided Mechanical Design Services c/w Contract Administration.

Niagara Regional Police Services, Fort Erie, Ontario
We performed a preliminary energy model for LEED using computerized modeling software to determine potential points available under the Energy and Atmosphere category. We also provided energy modeling in order to complete an HPNC application, enabling the building owner to qualify for approximately $20,000 in government incentives. Changes were made in the design based on the energy model in order to reduce long term operating costs for the Niagara Region, and provide an environmentally sustainable design. This is a 14,000sq.ft. facility and includes shared space with Emergency Medical Services complete with a 4 vehicle Ambulance Bay.